Jang Financial Coaching provides coaching and consulting solutions for personal and church finances.


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Personally, you need help creating a budget, getting out of debt and reaching financial independence.


As a church, you need help discipling your congregation as God's stewards managing God's blessings, God's way for God's glory.


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The good news is that you are in the right place.


Here at Jang Financial Coaching, it's all about your journey toward financial peace, independence and generosity.



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"I have a complicated financial situation and Paul was able to break it down into simple, attainable goals I could wrap my head around.  He also pushed me outside my comfort zone so I could achieve greater results.  He is nonjudgmental and forward thinking which created an atmosphere of optimism."

Denise N., New York, NY


"After so many starts and stops when it comes to our overall financial picture and future stability, we reached out to Paul due to his training and representation of the Dave Ramsey principles.  We found him to be very personable, professional, compassionate and knowledgeable.   Through our first meetings we were assured that we were on the right path and we felt very empowered through his guidance. We highly recommend him as a financial coach."

J & C, Brooklyn, NY


"Paul made himself readily available to us and offered clear guidance and organizational skills on budgeting and helping us get control of some out of control credit card spending. We continue to work with him on the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps and tracking our expenses and receipts and overall being more mindful with money. I highly recommend Paul - he will have your best interests at heart and help you where you need help.”

Meg L., Woodcliff Lake, NJ